Entradas etiquetadas ‘David Bendeth’

Interview with Tonight Alive: “We wanted to take risks, and write an album that wasn’t the same like what we did before.”

  It's been around eight years since the power pop-punk band Tonight Alive broke onto Sydney's underground music scene, and since then, the fivesome have released two studio albums (the third one will be released in March), have played in major festivals like Warped Tour, and have garnered a loyal fan base and global recognition. Last week, the band landed in Spain for the first time ever as part of its new European tour, and Hot BuZz (mag) took the opportunity to interview Jenna McDougall (lead singer), and Cam Adler (bass player), just before their Barcelona show at Sala Apolo. We talked about their new record, "Limitless", their world tour, their future plans, and about having a healthy lifestyle, an...