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Tim Burton’s movies always get people talking and it seems his latest fantasy flick, “Frankeenweenie” (The Walt Disney Company) in not the exception. Hot BuZz (mag) reveals the secrets of this goth adventure as we open the doors to the graveyard and introduce you to Sparky, Victor and their colleagues.

Victor (voiced by Charlie Tahan)
By now, everybody knows Victor Frankenstein is the little boy who re-animates his deceased dog Sparky using scientific ingenuity to bring him back to life. When Sparky dies in a car accident, Victor immerses himself in making films and inventing in his attic workshop trying to find the best way to take back his best friend to the town of New Holland.


Sparky is a devoted and playful bull terrier whose sense of curiosity is matched only by his beloved owner, Victor. He enjoys chasing after balls and being the star of Victor’s homemade movies. He exudes tons of energy and enthusiasm, which even his untimely death doesn’t diminish.

Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein (voiced by Catherine O’Hara and Martin Short)
Mr. Frankenstein is a very kind and friendly travel agent, who likes to dispense roundabout advice to his son. He is proud of Victor’s accomplishments, but is concerned he doesn’t have any friends other than Sparky so he encourages his son to join the baseball team.
Mrs. Frankenstein is a very caring mother who encourages Victor’s scientific pursuits, even when her kitchen appliances end up in his attic lab. She is a compulsive reader, loves watching films with her husband and enjoys spending quality time with her family and loved ones.

Elsa Van Helsing (voiced by Winona Ryder)
Elsa Van Helsing is a soulful and somber classmate of Victor. She lives next door with her tyrant uncle, Mayor Burgemeister, who forces her to be “Little Dutch Girl” at the town’s celebration of Dutch Day. Elsa also has a beloved pet, her poodle Persephone, and truly empathizes with Victor when he loses Sparky.

Persephone is a perfectly groomed black poodle. She is fiercely loyal dog. Persephone loves flirting with Sparky because when they both first meet in the backyard, the attraction was instantaneous and electrifying, and sparks flied between the two.

Toshiaki (voiced by James Hiroyuki Liao)
Toshiaki is Victor’s class rival, an over-achieving and mega-competitive boy delighted in beating Victor at his own game. Like a power-hungry mad scientist, Toshiaki will stop at nothing to win the top prize in the school’s science fair, even if it means stealing Victor’s ideas to do it.

Bob (voiced by Robert Capron)
Bob is a momma’s boy, the brawn to Toshiaki’s brains. He is never mean-spirited, but he’s easily led and gullible. Bob follows Toshiaki everywhere, but is the first one to run to Victor for help when he gets in over his head.

Bob’s Mom (voiced by Conchata Ferrell)
Bob’s Mom is a plump, suburban housewife who is prone to panic and hysteria when things go awry. She has very simple, stereotypical views on life. She dotes on her son Bob, the apple of her eye, and believes her actions, though often misguided, are in his best interest.

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