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Halo live-action TV series unveils its spectacular new trailer during the AFC Championship Game

Halo TV series - Paramount+
Halo TV series - Paramount+

The full new trailer for the long-awaited Halo TV show dropped this Sunday during the halftime at the AFC Championship Game aired on CBS.

While we had a first glimpse at the series when the first trailer was unveiled during the last Game Awards ceremony, which took place last December, this new teaser revealed much more about what can we expect from the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Microsoft‘s fan-favorite shooter game.

The new official trailer for Halo the series showed an epic look at the Master Chief

The new clip gave better look at the adaptation of the popular military science fiction Xbox video game franchise created by Bungie INC.

The footage revealed a closer look at the Canadian-American actor Pablo Schreiber suited up as the Master Chief, a super soldier known as Spartan, which is the lead character in several Halo video games, books and graphic novels.

The trailer also featured actress Natascha McElhone who will play Dr. Catherine Halsey, the creator the Spartans soldiers, Jen Taylor voicing Cortana, an AI assistant that provides tactical information, hacks alien computer systems, and Olive Gray as Dr. Miranda Keynes, a brilliant UNSC Commander dedicated to “understanding the technology, language and culture of the Covenant.”

Halo TV series will debut on Paramount+ in March 2022

The release of the highly-anticipated TV series based on Halo’s universe is due to debut on the US-based streaming platform Paramount+ on the 24th of March 2022.

Watch the new epic trailer for Halo TV series below.

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